Lesson series

Navigating The MBK Ecosystem

This brief tutorial guides you step by step.
Learn How to navigate the MBK Ecosystem

What's included?

  • 1 Video (9 minutes)
  • How to login
  • How to do attendance
  • Add unregistered students
  • Look up data by school

Get Students Registered

You will learn how to navigate the MBK ecosystem. Input attendance, update student information, add unregistered students. Then change students from pending to active once they are registered.

Search Data By School

 You will also learn how to search data for the specific schools you serve. Update information on your students and keep track of your registration progress.
Meet the instructor

Ingrid Cunningham

Ingrid is the technical support instructor for Black Star Elements. Black Star Element is the developer of the entire FWMBK ecosystem.

In this brief training Ingrid walks you step by step through the process of effectively navigating the FWMBK ecosystem.
Ingrid and Larry Cunningham - Instructors
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