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Light The Future

Ryan Stewman

Founder of Apex

John Highley

The Marketing Savage

Adam Lyons

Founder of Bastrop Games
Successful entrepreneurs share their wisdom with young people.

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  • Weekly Chapters
  • Subject Matter Experts
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Pratical Scholarship 

Experts in their field share their wisdom and experience with young people. In this series they speak to their younger self. The message is designed to light the pathway for the future of our next generation.

Step By Step

 Get step by step instructions from people who have already traveled the road that you are on. Learn from their experiences and mistakes. Achieve the results you want in a fraction of the time.
Meet the instructor

Robert Nelson

Robert Nelson interview successful entrepreneurs to pass their wisdom and message down to young entrepreneurs. The goal of this light the future series is to illuminate the pathway to success for the next generation of entrepreneurs. Listen and lean how to avoid unnecessary pitfalls, roadblocks and obstacles on your journey toward success.
Patrick Jones - Course author
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