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Jackie Robinson Breaks Through Race Barriers

Discover how Jackie Robinson broke through race barriers to create opportunities for African Americans in sports and business.
A true trail blazer!

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See The Heart 

Discover the driving passion that cause Jackie Robson to break through the race barrier in sports. Learn how he translated that same determination into the development his own construction business.

Unlock Your Future

Use the same methods which this gentel giant used to open up doorways of opportunity. Though he is gone, his legace and purpose lives on. You are the generation that he sacrificed for. 
Meet the instructor

Robert Nelson

Robert Nelson is the director of entrepreneurship for the Fort Worth Chapter of MBK.

I have reached into the archives to give you a glimpse of what our forefathers went through to create the opportunities that we often take for granted today.

Listen to this message from the all time great baseball hero Jackie Robinson.
Robert Nelson - Course author
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